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Visions of Grace, an eye care ministry, is a chaplain-led missionary outreach, answering God’s call into Third World countries. The most recent trip was to remote Mayan Indian villages in the mountainous areas of Guatemala. Missionaries have been traveling yearly to these isolated regions to share the Gospel and provide essential medical treatment. Most of the inhabitants of this remote area travel miles on foot to receive medical treatment. Both children and adults numbering 60-120 per day receive eye care. In cooperation with other mission teams, general medical care is provided by three team doctors with a pharmacist on hand to dispense medications, and the Visions of Grace eye care team provides vision screening, eye drops and glasses.

Drs. Bill and Julie Crunk have witnessed some visions of grace of their own. According to Julie, “After receiving eyeglasses enabling him to read again, one man kissed the bible he was given!”  Donated prescription eyewear and other medical needs offer adults, children and entire families a clearer view of their world through the love of Christ.

vg_Chaplain-Missions--Crunk-pointing-to-glasses Visions of Grace volunteers are in need of prescription glasses for both children and adults as well as adult reader glasses. Due to the increasing incidence of cataracts as workers spend long hours in the sun, sunglasses are also welcome.

*Glasses and sunglasses must be in good condition and clean. We cannot accept broken or cracked glasses.

Visions of Grace – Bringing the Gospel into full view
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