Chaplain Malone Defends the Faithful

Atheist lawsuit targets small churches..

JAFC Chaplain The Venerable Patrick Malone serves as a hospital chaplain, and the the Rector of Holy Cross Anglican Church. His ministry work is possible because the church supports him through a small housing allowance, permitting him to focus on and live minutes from his congregation and surrounding communities in need.

A federal tax law known as the parsonage allowance lets churches provide tax-exempt housing or housing allowances for their ministers to live near their congregations under the same principle that allows businesses to reimburse travel and overseas housing costs tax free and provides housing to teachers and police who live in the communities they serve.

Enter the Wolves! The Freedom From Religion Foundation, an atheist organization perpetrating a lawsuit to prevent churches from providing housing benefits available to other non-profit organizations and businesses. In what may be a defense for all of us, The Beckett Law firm filed a motion to intervene on behalf of Fr. Malone and two other congregations.

Please pray for the Lord’s wisdom, strength and guidance for The Beckett Law firm, Father Patrick Malone of Holy Cross Anglican Church, Bishop Edward Peecher of Chicago Embassy Church, and the Diocese of Chicago and Mid-America of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.