Chaplain Edwards Promoted

Remember the theme song from the Jefferson’s TV show??

Remember the theme song from the Jefferson’s TV show-“Movin’ On Up”? Well that may be what Chaplain Robert Edwards is singing in jest as he takes his new position with integrity, service and excellence! In April he was promoted to the rank of Captain (0-3) in the United States Air Force currently serving with the 142nd Fighter Wing (F-15’s) out of Portland, OR.

Along with the promotion, Robert was told that since the current wing chaplain was leaving, he would be the acting Fighter Wing Chaplain as well! ” I love the mission and the people here – border protection of the Pacific Northwest, from Cali to Canada. I have a great relationship with the base and commanders, and have seen fruit from our weekly Bible study and the Strong Bonds retreats we do for couples.”

Family and Friends from Iona Community Anglican Church attended the promotion ceremony.

Chaplain Edwards is also involved in the church planting of Iona Community Anglican Church in Vancouver, Washington. The church just became an official congregation in the Diocese of Cascadia (Bishop Kevin Allen) in Oct 2016.