Chaplain Barnhill Ministers to Truckers

Truckers aren’t stopping for gas, they’re stopping for the Gospel…

The Reverend Larry Barnhart could use the saying ‘honk if you love Christ’ as the battle cry for truckers leaving the mobile chapel of Transport for Christ, Internation (
Larry donates his personal time as a minister for this non-denominational, ecumenical group that keeps everything very low church as they seek to meet the truck drivers on their turf at various truck stops across the US, Canada, Europe, and parts of Africa. The goal is to lead drivers as well as the trucking community to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith.

Each chapel location generally has one or two paid chaplains, and then a number of volunteer chaplains that seek to minister to the truck drivers, the staff at the truck stops, and the homeless and runaways that often congregate around truck stops. The mobile chapel where Larry serves is a converted 53 foot semi-trailer located in Ocala Florida. Chaplain Barnhill volunteers 2 nights a week, leading a Compline/Prayer service.



Chaplain Barnhill says, “We are called to go out into the harvest field and to bring the Light of Christ with us. Those of us that give of our time with this group are doing exactly that. Our goal is to eventually have all the chapels manned 24/7 and have enough chapel locations so that a truck driver does not have to go more than a day without having the opportunity to visit a chapel.”

Transport For Christ also has teamed up with the trucking industry in what is called the Exit 58 inititave which is aimed at helping people escape the bonds of human trafficking.