Anglican Chaplains Score High Marks

The Rev. Lucas Rees and The Rev. Kenneth Gillespie awarded commemorative stamp of the historic “Four Chaplains”…..  

JAFC Army Chaplains Dcn Lucas Rees and Fr. Kenneth Gillespie have recently graduated from the Army Chaplain Captain Career Course (C4). A few weeks ago, both were recognized for exceptional writing based on a formal book review submitted as a course assignment. Each of the forty four students enrolled in the course, submitted a book review to be considered for publication in the Army Chaplain Journal. Of the forty four students, the top ten submissions were identified, of which Chaplains Rees and Gillespie held the second and third positions.

The top ten writers were publicly recognized by the cadre at the Army Chaplain School and the top three choices all received a commemorative stamp of the historic “Four Chaplains,” whose ultimate sacrifice during the sinking of the SS Dorchester in 1943 has become an iconic symbol of the life of service and commitment each Army Chaplain strives to live up to. Fr. Kenneth expressed the meaning of this award as “a reminder of the sacred calling to service each of our Chaplains have answered.”