4 CPE Units at Once!

Chaplain DeLeon, one of only six Air Force chaplains selected…

 Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) graduation was held May 2017 at Wilford Hall Medical Center, chapel, JBSA-Lakcland, TX.  JAFC Chaplain The Reverend Angeles DeLeon (affectionally referred to as Fr. Don Don) was one of only six Air Force chaplains competitively selected last year to attend this one-year course where he completed four units of CPE!


(Photo left)- Ch DeLeon receiving his CPE diploma/certificate of completion with former Air Force Chief of Chaplains, Ch, Major General Lorraine Potter (ret) seated in the background.

As Chaplain DeLeon graduates and moves-on to serve a one-year unaccompanied tour in South Korea, The Reverend Lucas Dalgleish is picking-up the torch as the next JAFC- CPE student selectee; Fr. Lucas began his orientation this week.



(Photo left)- Ch DeLeon receiving his certificate of membership to the San Antonio Uniformed Health Education Consortium (SAUSHEC).

“Clinical Pastoral Education is interfaith professional education for ministry. It brings theological students and ministers of all faiths (pastors, priests, rabbis, imams and others) into supervised encounter with persons in crisis. Out of an intense involvement with persons in need, and the feedback from peers and teachers, students develop new awareness of themselves as persons and of the needs of those to whom they minister. From theological reflection on specific human situations, they gain a new understanding of ministry. Within the interdisciplinary team process of helping persons, they develop skills in interpersonal and interprofessional relationships.”

From The San Antonio Uniformed Services Health Education Consortium (SAUSHEC) taken from the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. (ACPE – https://www.acpe.edu/ACPE/_Students/FAQ_S.aspx)