The Community of the Order of Saint Martin of Tours

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The Community consists of men and women, married or single, from the Anglican Tradition who are, otherwise, qualified for ministry as Chaplains while remaining laity. These men and women, though following the ordinary professions of life as domestics, have responded to the drawing of the Holy Spirit to become a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ in community with us. We seek this through our commitment to being transformed by Christ into His likeness through the power and work of the Holy Spirit. To that end, we joyfully and without reservation covenant together and do vow ourselves to the Kingdom principles of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience, and to observe and practice the teaching of Jesus so to receive the full measure of God’s grace in each of us.

St Martin & BeggarWe identify with the character, and humility of Saint Martin of Tours who is regarded as the “father of chaplaincy.”  St. Martin, having forsaken violence as the means of resolving conflict and retired to a more gentle life as a servant of God, became a servant to the least and the lost in the world. In his reluctance to be elevated to the office of Bishop, we see the fullness with which he embraced his Lord’s teaching that the greatest shall be the least as servants in God’s Kingdom.

Qualifications for postulancy in the Order are connected to the qualifications for chaplaincy prescribed by the Bishop of the Armed Forces and Chaplaincy.  While not all members of this order require formal ecclesiastical endorsement, all Commissioned Lay Chaplains under endorsement must be part of this religious order.

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If you are laity seeking ministry as a recognized Chaplain in the ACNA, you are invited to make inquiry with the Coordinator of Vocational and Volunteer Chaplaincy, The Venerable Patrick Malone at:

The Very Reverend Norman Beale, oversees the Order of St. Martin of Tours.  Should you have questions regarding either Commissioned Lay Chaplaincy or the Order of St Martin of Tours, you can contact Abbot Beale directly at:

Chaplain Noel Dawes, Prior of New Members

Chaplain Alicia Head, Prioress of New Members