Purpose of the Association
From the Articles of Incorporation, Section 3. Public Law 792 – 81st Congress of the United States, September 20, 1950

Humbly invoking the assistance of Almighty God, we associate ourselves together for the following purposes:
(a) To safeguard and strengthen the forces of faith and morality of our Nation;
(b) To perpetuate and deepen the bonds of understanding and friendship of our military service;
(c) To preserve our spiritual influence and interest in all members and veterans of the Armed Forces; (d) To uphold the Constitution of the United States; and
(e) To promote justice, peace and good will.

Major Ministry Features
Ministry Profession Advocacy

  •  Represent the ideals, challenges, accomplishments, and needs of military chaplains to religious communities, civilian leaders, Veterans Service Organizations, and news media.
  •  Promote cooperative ministry in order to advance and safeguard the religious rights and spiritual welfare of all personnel whom chaplains are called to serve.
  •  Enhance government and community efforts to support citizens about to enter, now within, or returning from war zones.
  •  Participate in The Military Coalition comprised of 34 military, veterans, and uniformed services organizations that represent over5.5 million personnel and their families.
  •  Member of the Veterans Day National Committee.CONNECT WITH MCA NOW