Lapel Pin


These high quality lapel pins measure 1″ in height with our colorful Anglican Chaplain logo photo etched on the face using a special laser print process. The pin is then given a very thin coat of epoxy to protect the color material from scratching. Every ACNA ENDORSED Chaplain should have one or more of these pins to proudly display and to promote the life and ministry of our Anglican Chaplains.

Take pride in this symbol of our Anglican Chaplain life and ministry together!




 Tippet Patch

-Chaplains Embroidered Patch

This patch is made of high quality materials and is designed to be sown on a priest’s tippet. It also can be sown on other garments to identify yourself as an ACNA ENDORSED Chaplain, or just to show your support for our new jurisdiction.





*Please note before ordering. The Anglican Chaplain lapel pins and patches are sold ONLY to licensed and endorsed chaplains serving within the Anglican Church in North America. (ACNA)

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