Qualification to serve in a governmental agency chaplaincy (United States Armed Forces, Veterans Administration, and Federal Bureau of Prisons) requires that an Anglican Presbyter or Deacon meet rigorous education, training and supervised ministerial experience standards.  For those clergy, clergy in formation, or those who aspire to Holy Orders and subsequent service as an Anglican governmental agency chaplain, there are no shortcuts to obtaining endorsement. Those who seek to obtain ACNA ecclesiastical endorsement for these chaplaincies must be prepared to enter with patience into a process designed to discern and confirm that each candidate either meets or exceeds these standards or is prepared to work diligently to do so.

For inquiries, additional information, or if you are interested in securing endorsement in the ACNA for a governmental agency chaplaincy, please contact the Jurisdiction of the Armed Forces and Chaplaincy, Governmental Agency Coordinator:

The Reverend Canon William Harrison