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Training Symposium & Convocation 2017

June 26, 2017 - June 30, 2017

UPDATE June 19th, 2017
The schedule for our Convocation plus a Wheaton College map are available immediately below this update.


If you have further questions that have not been answered by the website Convocation Update or cannot be answered by your Dean, please feel free to contact the Vicar General directly at ArchdeaconNordstrom@AnglicanChaplains.org

 Clergy Wear for Convocation:
Business casual (Men: slacks, open collar shirt, light jacket, tie optional; Women: pants or skirts)

CLERGY-Clergy Wear (Clergy shirt-Collar and suit or appropriate jacket)  
CLC-Professional Wear (Clergy shirt-Brother’s Collar, suit or appropriate jacket)

CLERGY- Choir Dress: Black Cassock, Surplice, Red Stole
CLC- Brother’s collar, Alb, Cincture, Scapular

-DAILY OFFICE (Only those selected and contacted) 
Clergy: Choir Dress:  Black Cassock, Surplice, Tippet
CLC-Choir Dress for CLC: Brother’s collar, Alb, Cincture, Scapula
*Those assigned to lead daily offices will need a black tippet.

Subject: Training 2017 Episcopal Letter
14 March 2017

Greetings in the Name of the Lord,

The Special Jurisdiction of the Armed Forces and Chaplaincy is excited to announce our annual Training Symposium and Convocation to be held Wheaton College, Illinois from June 26-29, 2017. Our schedule is attached. Attendees should plan to arrive on the afternoon of June 26th as training activities begin early on Tuesday, June 27th. Chaplains will be released for travel home at 9am Thursday. Please note that those who are delegates of the jurisdiction to the Provincial Assembly will be required to remain for additional day so please plan accordingly.

Attendance Requirement: In accordance with the Canons of this Jurisdiction and Episcopal policy, attendance at this annual training is required of all endorsed chaplains.  Failure to attend will normally result in the loss of “Good Standing;” leading to loss of endorsement and loss of clerical credentials. Please review the applicable policy on our Anglican Chaplains web site and contact the Vicar General if you have additional questions in this regard.



The Venerable Mark B. Nordstrom
Vicar General


Special Jurisdiction of the Armed Forces and Chaplaincy
Annual Training Symposium and Convocation


‘Marshaled for Steadfast Kingdom Service in Christ’s Anglican Communion’

26-29 June 2017
Wheaton College
Wheaton, Illinois

Joining with the 2017 Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) Provincial Assembly

 Select Wheaton College Blue banner to view campus MAP


Monday 26 June – Travel Day – Evening SJAFC Events Only
(Be in prayer for the College of Bishops, which meets this day)


Attendance by All Chaplains Required – Family Members invited for all events this evening

1500-1700   Registration

Location: Buyse Lecture Hall, in Meyer Science Center (C4 on map)

1700   Dinner (all meals on-site)

Location: Anderson Dining Commons, in Todd M. Beamer Student

Center (B4 on map) (all meals)

1830   Evening Prayer

Location: Buyse Lecture Hall

1900-1930   Bishop’s Address

1930-2030   Social (on site)

Tuesday 27 June – SJAFC Events Only
(Be in prayer for the ACNA Provincial Council, which meets this day)

Attendance by All Chaplains Required – Family Members invited to Daily Prayers

0700   Breakfast

0800    Morning Prayer

            Location: Buyse Lecture Hall

0830    Welcome, Introductions, Announcements

0900    Business Session I: Financial Report, 2017 Budget, and Ballot Items

0945    Break

0945    Executive Council Standup Meeting to action needed Business items

1000    Ministry Safe Training I (Selected Chaplains)

1000    Alternate Training: Eucharistic Celebration (For those who had Ministry

Safe Training at Convocation 2016)

1045    Break

1100     Ministry Safe Training II

            1100    Alternate Training: Word, Prayer, and Eucharist

1145    Noonday Prayer

1200    Lunch

1330   Training Theme for 2017-2018 – Presentation by Archdeacons

1515    Break

1530   Business Session II

Executive Council Standup Meeting to action needed Business items

1630    Break

1640    Vicar General Report- Ministry of the Jurisdiction (Optional – written report if

Business Session requires more time)

1700    Evening Prayer

             1730     Dinner (Join with Delegates to ACNA Provincial Assembly – mix and mingle – we are here so the ACNA can get to know us)


Wednesday 28 June – Combined Provincial Assembly and SJAFC Events
(First Day of The ACNA Provincial Assembly)

0700    Breakfast

0800    Staff Meeting (Location TBD)

0900     ACNA Provincial Assembly Opening Eucharist Service (All Chaplains, Family Members are encouraged to attend)

Location: Edman Chapel (A3/4 on map)

1030    Break

1100    ACNA Provincial Assembly Plenary Session (All Chaplains)

Location: Edman Chapel

1200    Lunch

1300     Training – “Steadfast Service in Institutional and Other Settings”

                                    Deanery and Commissioned Lay Chaplain Breakouts

Locations: Buyse Lecture Hall, SCI 129 Classroom, SCI 131

[1330 – 1630]  CANA Council (Selected Representative from SJFAC)

(Location TBD)

1500    Break

1730    Dinner

1900    Global Family Worship and Prayer Service

Location: Edman Chapel

Thursday 29 June – Combined Provincial Assembly and SJAFC Events – Travel Day
 (Second Day of The ACNA Provincial Assembly – last chance to mingle with ACNA delegates)

0700    Breakfast

0730    Holy Eucharist (Edman Chapel)

0830    Morning Biblical Exposition/Exhortation

0900    SJAFC Training Symposium and Convocation Ends

(Chaplains may continue in session with the Provincial Assembly if they so desire. A $75 fee will be charged for the extra night’s lodging and meals. See registration site on our web page.)

0900     SJAFC Executive Committee Meeting

Location TBD


The ACNA Provincial Assembly Schedule for the rest of Thursday and Friday (Optional)

0900     Plenary Session #2

Six different speakers will give a 10-minute inspirational & theological presentation

Location: Edman Chapel

1030     Break

1100   Expanded Morning Talk

Each speaker from the morning plenary will give a full 45-minute address, followed by

Q&A at six different locations across Wheaton’s campus. Each talk will be video recorded.

1230     Lunch

  Location: Anderson Commons

Optional Sub-Conference Meetings over lunch

1530     Coffee & Refreshments

1600     Provincial Assembly Delegates Meeting (representatives from each diocese)

Location: Coray

1730   Dinner

Location: Anderson Commons

Optional Sub-Conference Meetings over dinner

1900     Plenary Session #3

Friday, June 30

0730     Holy Eucharist

0830     Bible Teaching

1000     Ecumenical Address

1030     Closing Worship Service & Plenary

 Location: Edman Chapel

Please DO NOT register on the ACNA web site!

In a few days we will have a link on our web site with instructions for registering for the 2017 Training Symposium and Convocation and submitting payment.  You will be alerted when the link is active.

General notes about the lodging – more information to follow.  Please be sure that you completely understand the lodging arrangements before you register.

Lodging will be in university dorm rooms that have two single beds and a shared bath between rooms.  Those who bring families will stay in the same university dorm rooms.

Children less than eight years of age can stay in their parents’ room for free.  However, parents must supply a sleeping mat and bedding for the children staying in the room with them.

The university requires that any room with a child under 18 years of age be supervised by an adult staying in that room.   This may require families share supervisory responsibilities if a family has more than two children eight years of age or older.  Please make arrangements between and among yourselves.

Also please note, to maintain the low costs, men and women traveling alone may be housed in the men’s/women’s dorms with a room mate and these have hall way bathrooms. These dorms are separate from the family/couples housing.

The ANCA Provincial Assembly is not providing childcare.

Finally, fees for lodging and meals are linked together by the university and cannot be separated.  There is no way to accommodate those who want to stay locally with friends or family and avoid the fees.

*As a reminder, the following are required to attend in order to maintain Good Standing.  Any exceptions must be first addressed to your Dean.

Those who are Canonically Resident in the SJAFC
Those who are licensed by the Bishop
Those who are Provisionally Endorsed and in the application process
Those who are ordained Chaplain Candidates
Those who are with the Reformed Episcopal Church and a part of the SJAFC are invited but not required to attend

This is a great opportunity for us and our families to join with the greater ACNA province.  There is much to look forward to as God the Holy Spirit is growing our Anglican Church in North American and as we get ready for the next Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) in Jerusalem 2018.  The Lord is doing great things through our province and we will be a part of it.



June 26, 2017
June 30, 2017


Training Symposium & Convocation 2017
501 College Ave
Wheaton, IL 60187 United States
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