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Bishop Paul Nakamura with one of ours

Fr Andrew Burns-Bishop Nakamura's presentation

Marines take a group photo with Bishop Paul Saneaki Nakamura at Camp Hansen, Okinawa. Bishop Nakamura spoke about his life experiences as a World War II veteran and his service as an Anglican Church Bishop. Pictured immediate left of Bishop Nakamura is our Jurisdiction Chaplain Andrew Burns, who is currently in  Okinawa with the Marines and took a lead role in organizing Bishop Nakamura’s presentation.

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Richard Betea & FamilyOur congratulations to Chaplain Richard S. Beyea III on his selection for promotion to Lieutenant Colonel! The promotion ceremony will likely be held sometime during or before the spring of 2016. Chaplain Beyea is currently serving as Wing Chaplain to the 47th Flying Training Wing at Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio, TX, where he leads the chapel team in ministry to aspiring Air Force pilots, their instructors and all who support the mission. About his selection, Beyea says, “All glory to God and a huge debt of gratitude to my wife and partner in ministry, Renee.” Chaplain Beyea also wishes to express his thanks for Anglican Chaplain intercessions on behalf of his second son who was born prematurely in May; Reuben James is now a healthy, happy and robust eight month old (pictured here with parents and brother Ricky after his baptism).

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2015 Symposium and Convocation

LOGO Convocation 2015

The Jurisdiction for the Armed Forces and Chaplaincy Training Symposium/Convocation 2015, will be held 9-13 July at the Hope Hotel and Conference Center in Dayton, Ohio. More information coming soon….


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Upcoming Jurisdiction Ordinations


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Lawrence McElrath, Ordination to Deacon, 8 March, Milwaukee, WI

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Communiqué from the College of Bishops of The Anglican Church in North America.

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For the Glory of God…

Bishop Jones is Comedian Jeff Allen's Guest on "An Examined Life" Podcast

Executive Seminar scheduled for April 12th-18th, 2015 at White Sulphur Springs, PA!

"Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy."-General Norman Schwarzkopf

Excitement is building as plans are being made for our next Executive Seminar (termed Executive Leadership Seminar, or ELS, by this Jurisdiction) hosted by the John Jay Institute. A recent graduate from the seminar said, "ELS promises to be one of the most richly rewarding educational experiences of your life!"
If you have never attended, please start making plans to apply - attendance selection is competitive and space will be limited!

Date for the Event: April 12th-18th, 2015 at White Sulphur Springs, PA

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Newsletter Vol 10.

GAFCON - Lenten 2015 Pastoral letter.

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Our Prayers

Prayers for Chaplains

Prayers for Chaplains

- Our prayers are with Chaplain Ben Hebert. His wife, Elaine, died February 4th from complications related to her Muscular Dystrophy.

– Brennig Yates, son of Chaplain Douglas and Jonelle Yates, finished his last chemotherapy the week of February 8. Please continue to pray for his healing. You can track his progress on “Brennig’s Caring Bridge Page” (Brennig Yates).

– Chaplain Drew Robinson, United States Army, as he recovers following injuries recently suffered during a jump that will take him out of action for a little while.  

– Chaplain Aaron White, US Army, struggling with health issues and may be medically retired from the Army


The Jurisdiction of the Armed Forces and Chaplaincy supports the endorsement and care of chaplains under the oversight of the Bishop of the Armed Forces and Chaplaincy serving in the US military, federal and local government, hospital and hospice, law enforcement and other vocational and volunteer chaplains serving their communities. It is the canonical residence for professional chaplains in the ACNA.

We are the endorsing agency of the Anglican Church in North America. Official status as an endorsing agency is in and through the Convocations of Anglicans in North America. We also partner with several other ministries to help the church spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ, as the head of the church, calls us to lead and care for others so that they might know the forgiving power accomplished through His death and resurrection.

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