Deanery for the Chaplaincy Vocational Chaplains

Depending upon the type of Chaplaincy ministry, the qualifications and credentials necessary vary greatly. Competency, clarity about professional roles, and the ability to articulate and keep appropriate boundaries while still entering into empathetic pastoral relationship is critical to maintaining respect for and trust in the work of professional, vocational chaplains. Therefore, the ACNA requires the highest levels of competency, though education and training, be obtained and maintained by our endorsed Chaplain corps; regardless of whether the Chaplain is full or part time. Endorsed Chaplains are canonically resident in the Deanery (meaning the Deanery Bishop exercises Episcopal authority and oversight). For information, contact Chaplain Dave Barrett, Vocational Chaplain Coordinator.

Hospital Chaplaincy

Chaplain Kua Apple
The Western Pennsylvania Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA
Chaplain Scott Buck
St. Joseph Hospital, Lexington, KY
Chaplain Andrea Buettner
CPSP Resident, Pittsburgh, PA
Chaplain Paul Henry
The Western Pennsylvania Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA
The Venerable Dr Emeka C. Nwigwe
Harlem Hospital, New York, NY
Chaplain Ken Skillern
Methodist Hospital, Sugarland, TX
Chaplain Gaea Thompson
CPSP Resident, Pittsburgh, PA

Hospice Chaplaincy

Chaplain David Baker
St. Augustine, FL
Chaplain Timothy Blanton
Valdosta, GA
Chaplain Steve Lybrand
Dresher, PA
Chaplain Marc Vincent
Montgomery, AL

Education and Industry Chaplaincy

Chaplain Natalie Bennett
University of Alabama-Huntsville, AL
Chaplain Russell Worrell
Fatherhood Initiative Director (Sav-a-Life), AL

Candidate Ethan McCarthy*
Independent Living Specialist, DEAF, Inc

Community Chaplaincy

Chaplain Julie Baldwin
Cultural and Linguistics mission outreach
Connie Jones, RNC, LEM
Sav-a-Life Birmingham, AL
Chaplain Colin Larkin
Counselor and Community Chaplain, Denver, CO
Chaplain David Miller
Anglican District of Virginia, VA
Chaplain James Rouse
Intercity Mission & Drug Rehab, CA
Chaplain Russell Worrell
Fatherhood Initiative, Birmingham,AL

Law Enforcement and
Prison Chaplaincy

Chaplain David Barrett
Tarrant County Sheriff's Office, Texas
Chaplain Derek Jones
Shelby County Sheriff's Office, AL
Chaplain Jim Hebert
Department of Corrections, Shreveport, LA
Chaplain David Miller
Anglican District of Virginia, VA
Chaplain Dennis Ugoletti
Beaver County Jail, Aliquippa, PA


(*Candidate for Ordination)(**Vocations Process)





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